My 2018 season’s greetings.
With this image my aim is to outline that the best gift ever we can make to ourselves and our loved ones is to take care of the planet we’re living in, acting conscious and reducing waste, especially in this time of the year in which lots of people rush to buy useless presents that will soon get dumped. 

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LA FEMME_ illustration series
This series is a subtle-patterned tribute to the female body and its sensuousness
Coloring Posters
Jardin Celeste, an hardcover set of two colorig poster 75x60 cm each that can be juxtaposed on both sides to form a wider, continuous exotic landscape. Ik on paper. Published by Rustica Editions (Fleurus group, Paris, France) in 2015.
Mes Tattoos Océan
Mes Tattoos Océan is a sea themed activity book  featuring a set  of 5 temporary tattoo boards I illustrated for Vagnon Editions, France. All work was done with ink on paper.
La femme - 2013
ink on paper + digital color shift
"A" typography for TCBF + ATPco mag
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My 2015 season's greetings
This is not consent
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Mon carnet de notes a colorier - Rustica Editions
Mon carnet de notes a colorier pour révéler ma vraie nature, a coloring book Published by Rustica Editions, France, 2015. 55 line drawing illustrations focused on female body and nature. All ink on paper
Cat themed packaging, stationery + editorial illustrations and pattern design
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